the weather

the weather

it’s the weather, i think

i wake up to the sun beaming through the grey curtains,

reassuring that even the dullest colours welcome arrays of light

cheery and refreshed, i push the button down the kettle and prepare a morning cup of tea

and the moment i sit down, i peep raindrops on the window sill and wonder

how quickly sunlight disappears and rain appears, how quickly my mood changes, how vulnerable i am in front of seasons

how my ability to change is as quick and frustrating as preparing for a walk to the park only for it to be ruined by a thunderstorm

and then i think about us

about i, in particular

but about us

how sometimes we find happiness in the darkest moments

but other times we lose ourselves in those dull moments

and let it consume us

without for once thinking of the cheeriness before,

and the good tidings that will come after

it’s the weather, i know

that holds the capability of reminding me

that my moods are parallel to my ever changing surroundings

so if you ever want to know how i am

let the world outside tell you

let sunshine tell you that i am happy

and cloudiness tell you that i am eagerly waiting for a break of sunlight or maybe a hint of rainfall

let the rain tell you i am either washed away by my own sorrows or cleansing my soul of unwanted thoughts

but just know, that i too, like the weather, am unforeseeable

unpredictable, challenging, sometimes warm and other times destructive, liked by some, disliked by others

but i will still take my course,

without letting you ever figure out how i can be so many persons in a single moment


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