Prepare Yourselves, Robots Will Be Replacing Doctors!

Artificial Intelligence is Changing Things

This world is ever-changing. Artificial intelligence and robots are the new “it” thing and for all the right reasons. As humans, we are inclined to find solutions to problems, to minimize workload by creating things that can maximize results. We’ve seen this from the beginning of history; the ability of humans to construct and invent to enhance the quality of life.

Coming from a Southeast Asian background, the emphasis on becoming a doctor was huge in my household- it still is. But when I think about the worth of doctors diminishing from the healthcare field, I am forced to think how can we move forward while new technology takes over? If robots and artificial intelligence will take over the jobs of doctors and many other professions, is it wise to still pursue a career in medicine?

Should you pursue a career in Medicine?

My father has an all-time dream of me becoming an ophthalmologist. Recently, I read a research in which a robotic surgeon called Robotic Retinal Dissection Device (R2D2) removed a membrane 100th of a millimeter thick from the retina of the right eye of a man, successfully curing his blindness! This was the first time a robot had been used to conduct an operation of the eye in medical history. What good is becoming an ophthalmologist when I can foresee that my career will be overtaken by a robot, who can perform a surgery quicker than I and that too more effectively!

Much of what physicians do can be better done by robots with the use of data analytics. Artificial intelligence can assist with diagnosis and treatment and may do so better than a doctor! Computers are better with data recollection which makes them smarter than your physician.

I am excited to know that healthcare will change in the coming years. Automation will make healthcare accessible but also allow for diagnosis and treatment to be done quickly and effectively. Exciting times await us but it is always nerve-wracking to decide whether we are prepared to progress into a new era of technological advancement as it requires us to let go of our traditional way of life.



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