My Wedding!

For the majority of desi weddings, the Mendhi ceremony is ruled to be the most fun. For me, my mendhi was quite relaxed and calm as we didn’t have coordinated dances or anything as such. But, women from the village gathered around to sing traditional songs which turned out to be lovely.

My mendhi outfit was chosen last minute by my dad. It turned out to be a traditional, village mendhi outfit and was brought from some random shop in Sheikhupura. It was also the comfiest wedding outfit I had to endure as compared to the baraat and walima. My makeup artist, Bunty from Lahore arrived a few hours before my Mendhi ceremony to do my makeup. Without me even telling him what I wanted, he did such a fantastic job. I’m the kind of person who likes to trust the person who is the master of their craft. So for both my mendhi and baraat ceremonies, I let Bunty take charge!

A tent was set up in my village and the stage was decorated with fresh flowers for both the mendhi and baraat. On both days, the food was cooked fresh by hired chefs who came to the village to prepare the food. I absolutely loved the food on my Mendhi. I was unable to eat food on my baraat because I had an upset stomach but I couldn’t resist a few pieces of BBQ’d chicken on my mendhi!

My walima was at the Nishat, Emporium. I don’t have professional pictures of that function as of yet. But, the walima was the less hectic of all the days since it was at a hotel which means everything is managed for you. My walima dress was my most favourite dress out of all the days- so much so that I even wore the shirt again a couple days after for a Nikah event!

I think for the past one year my family and I were looking forward to my wedding festivities and when the days finally arrived, they passed in such a jiffy! Nonetheless, I am so blessed that I had my family around me to celebrate such a big milestone in my life.

Enjoy the pics!


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