How to Study Better: My Study Desk Essentials

With exams creeping up, I thought it would be a good idea to list some of my essentials while studying. When I started college as a freshman at Rutgers University I attended a seminar that expressed the importance of having a “good” study space. Having a decluttered desk and the right supplies next to you were some of the things that were discussed. So here I am sharing what I feel are the most important things to have on my study desk when I’m preparing for exams or have an important assignment coming up.

  1. White Board: I love my whiteboard. Not only because it’s fun using markers to scribble things but because it’s such an important tool that helps me learn better. I try to teach myself by writing concepts and making diagrams. Also, I use it to write uplifting quotes that motivate me to keep studying!
  2. Desk Lamp: Sometimes, the room light gets too tiring on the eyes. My desk lamp helps me study for longer hours, especially during the night. Using a desk lamp to focus light around your study desk instead of having the main light on is more relaxing.
  3. Desk Drawer: I have a small drawer on my study desk that stores a few essentials like highlighters, stapler, sticky notes, etc. I always have my drawer stacked and right on my desk so that I may easily access whatever I need while studying. It’s really annoying having to get up and go grab note cards because it messes with my flow while I am concentrated on studying.
  4. Comfy Chair: I study best when I’m sitting on my dining table chair. It allows me to sit upright and is pretty comfy. I don’t think I’d be able to study efficiently on an office chair, especially the ones that twirl and have those extra-comfy armrests. I would fall asleep or keep twirling in the chair.
  5. Organizer: From the time I was in school, my prized possession has been my organizer. I compose tasks, to do lists and events all in my planner. It goes everywhere with me. I track what I studied and how much more studying I need to get done. I always have it on my desk while I’m studying just so I can jot down study goals or keep track of my task list.
  6. Laptop & Printer: In this day and age, I think everyone studies from their laptop. Most of my textbooks and lecture notes are online. I always download them to my desktop so I don’t have to open up Internet because that just leads to me surfing social media. I know, I have no self-control. I also have a printer just in case I need to print out something important like practice questions or diagrams.
  7. Snacks: I usually always take snacks with me to my study desk or just store them there. It’s so important to keep hydrated and to eat while studying because it can get strenuous. Plus, it saves you the trip and time of going to the kitchen.
  8. Cork Board: This isn’t really an essential but I have a cork board right on top of my study desk. I’ve put pictures of my family because when I get really stressed out, just taking a glimpse of the photographs makes everything better. Yup, it’s cheesy.
  9. Magazines & Books: I read during my study breaks. I’m not even joking. It really de-stresses me and just makes me feel more relaxed.

Studying well is a skill. Studying hard isn’t necessarily the same thing as studying smart. Having the perfect study space and creating an environment that enables you to have an effective study session is so important! If you have midterms or finals coming up, I really hope you find some of these tips useful. Happy studying!

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