Does Amir Khan’s claims on gender roles embody how most Desi men think?

Yet again, Amir Khan is trending on social media, for all the wrong reasons.

A few months ago, Amir and Faryal were in the limelight for throwing accusations at one another. Thankfully all that came to an end and they eventually patched up.

But now, Amir Khan has drawn attention from people who are obviously very offended after he claims that women are good for doing domestic chores while men should never go near a dishwasher or else they’ll turn into a woman…

He also speaks of how his mother and sisters do the cooking in his home so that makes it perfectly normal for him to state that all women are best at cooking. For him, a man is meant to do the “harder” tasks of labor. Here’s the full interview¬†.

Amir Khan is the embodiment of the mentality that is held by many desi men.

Too many times have I seen the women in relationships doing household chores while the men lay around. Too many men give the excuse that they work long hours when it comes to completing domestic chores. Just because one’s wife does not work a 9-5 job, she is not obligated to be a nanny. It appalls me how so many educated men think that this behavior is okay. What makes it so hard for a desi man to clean up after himself, put his dishes away, fold his laundry, be a helping hand in the home?

I know there are desi women who love doing things for the respected men in their lives. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is when we belittle the value of women by recognizing them purely by the tasks they do at home. It’s high time we break the stereotype that women alone are homemakers because men should play an equal part.


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